Amazon and Flipkart’s website, more than 4 million products disappeared from Apple

More than 4 lakh products have disappeared from the websites of companies selling major online goods on the second day of the new e-commerce policy being implemented in India.

The biggest impact on Amazon

Amazon has the biggest impact on this decision, which is causing customers to face problems.
Customers are also expressing anger against the company on social media platform Facebook and Twitter.
Amazon’s largest vendor CloudTel India, which is also Amazon’s largest partner in India.
Household goods have completely disappeared on Amazon Pantry.
Amazon company’s website and many production at the app, such as home ration, children’s diapers, iPhone etc. are not available for sale.
This stuff is not even available on the app. The same is happening on the second online company Flipkart.

Amazon, Claudetel’s biggest shock

This decision has resulted in the biggest shock of Amazon and its delivery company, CludeTel India.
CloudTotal is the biggest seller on Amazon, which keeps track of fast delivery and stock control.
The small traders on Amazon are accused that instead of first selling their products, always the first big businessmen get a chance.

ClaudeTel India and Amazon’s 51:49 partnership
Claudetel had made a profit of about Rs 7149 crore in the last financial year, which is 30 percent more than the 2016-17.

Exclusive sales can not be done from now on

Amazon and Flipkart will no longer be able to sell exclusively for any product.
The business of small businessmen was almost stagnant.
The possibility of increasing product sales and economic losses of small markets was increasingly growing.

Online companies used to sell

Online shopping companies used exclusively for the major products coming out of the good companies in the market.
As a result, the product manufacturer was promoted for free, and their sales increased.
So there was no second and transportation and other costs, the value of the product was reduced to the on-line company
And it also benefited customers.

From this, online companies used to sell goods on very little margins.
This made both the product maker and the online marketing company a good profit.
And the customers were also satisfied.
Especially in this category, electronic goods like mobile, TV etc. were being sold.

With these new products coming later in the small market, very few customers were going to him.
To avoid this, small traders had appealed to the government.

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